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In this article I will debunk all the essence of making money Online MMO.
I'm in the process of studying the models MMO - make money online is growing abroad to share the MMO community, should limit his article only lists by channel / form analysis all will listed, evaluated in the next article in the series article "Debunking the way to make money online"
Prior to the method of making money online. I want you to have some basic knowledge and Marketing Online and Business Online with some previous posts

1. Make money from Google

This is the service that Google will pay you through your channel construction. If you have a website / blog or youtube channel. You absolutely can place Google Adsense ads within video youtube page or website and when users click on ads you will get money from every click.
- Youtube Partner
- Google Adsense

2. Make money from Facebook

Facebook now with more than 2 billion users, of which Vietnam has nearly half of the population use the Internet and 30 million people are using Facebook.
So here is the business channel, making delicious monetization services today.

- Increase the like
- Run Facebook Ads
- Governance Fanpage
- Sales on facebook
- PR links, Post / if you have large fanpage.
- Develop and resell fanpage
- Develop and resell accounts run Facebook ads, Facebook virtual

3. Make Money From Affiliate

As forms of marketing products through the links. When clients access using your referral link, or share products. If customers purchase you will receive% commission through affiliate marketer.
At VN not much success since the company Affiliate mainly because e-commerce is not developed with the kind and mostly very low commission% ailing brand.

List of major development company Affitiate reliably:
-, E-junkie and PayDotCom - This is one the world's largest market for digital products
- (CJ) / big market for large companies
- - not only in selling books, Amazon is also a large market offers a lot of products, goods belonging to different types of industries.
- Ebay - Similar to Amazon
- Agoda - service international hotel
- Shareasales - Services to hosting, theme, consumer goods to electronics products
- Jvzoo - Business / Finance, Internet Marketing / E-Commerce to Writing / Speaking
- Sunfrog - Affiliate Marketing products you design t-shirts rose by more than 50%
- Teespring
- PeerFly
- NeverBlue
- MaxBounty

Generally the Affiliate form, you just search "Affiliate Network" or "make money <name nework>".Select the type of company and product / service Affiliate reputation fit you, you need to have good knowledge on to join Online Affiliate.

4. Monetize Website

With nearly half the population is using the Internet and demand for Website boosted by many individuals now being deployed so much activity Marketing Services Online website was born.You absolutely can make money using the form below:

How Online service can make more money from online

- Website design
- Reselling website
- Sell Traffic
- Buy Template
- Buy domains through marketing
- Sales through marketing Hosting
- Admin
- Reply
- SEO keywords, SEO master
- Seeding
- Google Adwords
- Share losers - Coupon
- Advertising for 3rd party

5. WAP / SMS / APP

Mobility is growing and is the trend. Vietnam has more than 90 million people but has 120 million mobile devices are being used. That are synonymous with the way products and services for developing mobile so you can tap this segment.

Make Money from Mobile

- Construction Wapsite (Website dedicated to mobile): Share wallpapers, ringtones, mobile games
- Download the app to make money accumulated Point (CashPrirate, Waypedia, AppNana, Slidejoy, Pact, App Trailers, Inbox Dollars, Viggle, TaskRabbit, Bookscouter, Surveys On The Go ...)
- Marketing the game, distribute the game: Each installs from users you will be cash (, Bigwin ..), you can join this group to distribute and monetize Gmob game. VN
- Hiring head of SMS to sell products and services to mobile
- Service App for website design
- Advertising in the App (Full Banner, Mobile video ads ..)

6. Forum

- Buy Premium Account (Mainly for SEO)
- Ad
- PR
- Advertising (Banner, textlink, Adsense ... etc)

6. Review

Nowadays more and more products born. Review is a form of analysis and evaluation compare this product with other products to consultancy better products. Moreover consulting product information and sales from the expertise in the field of Review will help customers more information about the product, the better experience.
Scope of Review is being developed with technology industry (Smartphone, Table, SmartWatch ..)
and Game also is the trend nowadays.

- Review the pham..vv
- Game Review
- Compare products ...

7. Freelancer

Ie you would free the requirements or the service pack. When completed you will get money.
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